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OTC Ford Master Cam Tool Kit allows the technician to adjust cam timing on any Ford car or truck that has a timing chain or timing belt.  This kit comes with all the adapters you

The Encore doesn’t stray from its roots as an OTC diagnostics tool.

The Drain Plug Pro allows DIYers to easily change oil by securely capturing the drain plug, ultimately minimizing oil spills and protecting a vehicle owner’s hands from hot engine oil.

Underhood Service Magazine looks at the new OTC Encore, with more than 30 years of OEM Domestic, Asian and European vehicle coverage.

Technicians and shop owners vote on the TST Technician’s Choice Awards each year, selecting the OTC Encore as one of its winners for 2013.

Ed Lipscomb is joined by Jim Anderton, Technical Editor of Service Station & Garage Management, with a focus on the OTC Encore.

With a variety of scan tools on the market in a wide range of prices, choosing the right scan tool can help enhance a technician's productivity and save money.  Choosing the wrong tool, however, can be a costly investment that a tech may never ful