4WD Mechanix HD Video Network: Latest OTC Tools at the AAPEX Show

OTC Tools came to the 2013 AAPEX Show with the latest tool offerings. 4WD Mechanix HD Video Network interviewed and toured the OTC Tools booth to share the latest innovations. See highly versatile professional tools now available from OTC Tools.

The magazine's HD video tour of OTC Tools includes solutions for removing the stuck spark plugs in Ford Triton 3-valve engines. This problem plagues shops and owners, and OTC Tools has an innovative, sensible solution for removing these spark plugs in one piece.

The OTC Ford Triton engine spark plug tool locks the spark plug's end to the steel hex shell. In doing so, the plug comes out as an assembly without breaking the porcelain. The new and easy to use disc brake pad thickness gauge from OTC Tools was also on display. See these tools in the 4WD Mechanix HD Video Network video!