2012 Tire Pressure Monitor Master Kit

2012 Tire Pressure Monitor Master Kit

Automatically Selects the Proper Sensor Communication!

Activate sensors before tire service is performed, when tires are rotated, and when there is a problem with TPMS. The easy-to-follow tool menu and graphics clearly show test options, procedures, and on-screen directions to guide you through the unique reset procedure that is specific to each vehicle.

• Easy-to-follow tool menu and graphics clearly show test options, procedures and on-screen directions.

• Auto Scan feature provides a "one button" activation mode which automatically scans for TPMS sensor communication.

• Diagnostics uses a make-year-model input which automatically selects the proper sensor communication.

• Auto Scan and Diagnostics are useful for pre-testing sensors for proper functionality prior to service.

• Reset Procedure graphically guides the user through the complete procedure, including references to the reset guide.

• Electronic manuals include critical and comprehensive vehicle set up and reset procedure, along with system descriptions and specifications though 2012 model year.

Kit includes a TPM tool with latest software subscription including 2012 MY coverage, activation magnet, quick start guide, CD containing all previous and current reset procedure manuals, update cable, CD training video, 6 nM Hi rechargeable batteries and recharging station, backup software CD, digital tire pressure gauge, 4-way valve tool, valve core torque driver, laminated application flip chart, service procedure flowchart poster, consumer poster, and a blow molded case.

• Also includes TPM Electronic Torque Wrench.

• 12-120 in.-lb. ᄆ 2% accuracy.

• Torque set quickly with unique slide bar on the scale.

• Indexing head allows for use straight (screwdriver position) to spin nut down quickly.

• Torque limit LED flashes with audible beep.

• 1/4" Drive 11mm and 12mm Deep Chrome Socket.

The Tabs

Electronic Diagnostics
Product Dimensions: 
10.9 × 13.9 × 12.5 in
Shipping Weight: 
9 lb