Air Operated Grease Gun - Continuous Flow

Air Operated Grease Gun - Continuous Flow

If it moves, grease it!

From ball joints to control arms and tie rods, the grease fitting has made a comeback, meaning more opportunity for failure. Keep your customer’s car moving smoothly with OTC’s new line of lubrication service products. Universal adapters, flexible hoses and even a mini gun get the grease where it’s needed, while a 3-jaw locking coupler helps prevent getting it where it’s not.

A series of drum, bucket and transfer pumps makes easy work of transporting various oils and other shop and vehicle fluids.

• Heavy duty die cast aluminum grease gun head.

• Grease gun head fitted with automatic air bleeder.

• Larger pumping chamber, honed for rapid operation.

• Includes 6" bent steel extension, easy access 24" high pressure grease hose and 3 jaw slim coupler.

• 4800 PSI.

• For use with 14 oz. grease cartridge.

The Tabs

Specialty Tools
Lubricant Service
Vehicle Year: 
Product Dimensions: 
17.1 × 8 × 9 in
Shipping Weight: 
5.3 lb

Air Operated Grease Gun - Continuous Flow