Blind Hole Puller Set

Blind Hole Puller Set

Pilot bearings and pilot bushings are one of the most critical components in a transmission - clutch system. Damage, wear, or contamination can result in binding on the input gear and may be revealed as clutch drag symptom or even a growling sound when clutch pedal is fully released. Having the right tool like the NEW OTC 6981 Blind Hole Puller Set keeps this service capability and revenue in your shop. 

The patented design of the OTC 6981 combines ease of use and range of application with economical value without sacrificing quality. Certainly not limited to automotive service, the OTC 6981 is a versatile solution for blind or "hidden" bearings in machinery and equipment commonly found on the factory floor or farm shop. The unique design of the pin adapter allows the option of using a slide hammer to pop the bearing or bushing from it's seat, or use with a pulling bridge for tight or stubborn fits. Either way, you'll be pleased with the performance of the OTC 6981 Blind Hole Puller Set. 

Patented Design, Lifetime Warranty, amd Made in USA! 

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Specialty Tools
Puller Combinations/Sets
P/N 577573 - Collet .865" - 1.25" (3" reach)
P/N 577568 - Pin .500"
P/N 577572 - Collet .563" - .865" (2.5" reach)
P/N 577567 - Pin .400"
P/N 577571 - Collet .438" - .563" (1.75" reach)
P/N 577566 - Pin .280"
P/N 577570 - Collet .350" to .438" (1.5" reach)
P/N 577565 - Pin .200"
P/N 577569 - Collet .300 to .350 (1.5" reach)
P/N 577564 - Pin .140"
P/N 577574 - Pin Adapter
Innovative Design covers I.D. from 5/16" to 1-1/4" (Patent Applied for)
5 - collet-actuator combinations cover 5/16" to 1-14" I.D.
Use collets with Pulling Bridge or as Slide Hammer Attachment
Forged and/or Machined here at our factory in Owatonna, MN
Easy to read component application chart and instructions
Conveniently laid out in rugged blow mold storage case
Product Dimensions: 
20 × 15 × 5.5 in
Product Weight: 
14.7 lb