Ez-Tap Wireless Diagnostic Hardware Kit

Ez-Tap Wireless Diagnostic Hardware Kit

Ez-Tap truck access point hardware supports diagnostic modes of operation for J1939, J1708, and CAN protocols using a shops OEM software. This fully RP-1210a compliant access point communicates with the vehicle and transfers vehicle information to your PC. A 9-pin connector is built into the device, eliminating the need for a cable. Connection to the truck is accomplished in only a few seconds.

• Direct Diagnostics Mode - for use with OEM diagnostic software.

• Fault Monitoring* - Selective Fault Reporting.

• Triggers* - Report deviation and duration for any parameter or event.

• Parameter Monitoring* - Reports latest data from vehicle network.

• File Storage** - Enough onboard memory to store maintenance notes for the lifetime of the vehicle.

* Will require additional Ez-TRAC software 3085-03.

** Will require additional Ez-File software 3085-01.

Kit includes: Ez-Tap wireless (non-locking) VCI, Ez-Base wireless adapter, Ez-Tap 9-pin to 6-pin adapter, USB cable, and Ez-Tap CD.

Note: OEM diagnostic software not included.


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Product Dimensions: 
5 × 3 × 1 in
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1 lb