Hendrickson Front Suspension Bushing Master Tool Set

Hendrickson Front Suspension Bushing Master Tool Set

Replace rusted and frozen heavy-duty front suspension bushings faster and easier.

Patent-pending design is suspension-mounted, eliminating the need to hold the tool during operation.

Remove and install Hendrickson PACCAR Monoleaf, Navistar Monoleaf, Volvo Monoleaf suspension Pivot Bushings.

Save time and effort during suspension service to get trucks back on the road faster.

Included adapters align tool with the suspension to ensure proper bushing installation and reduce the chance of misalignment and bushing damage.

Includes an OTC 4106A 25-ton high-force cylinder and a OTC 2510A air/hydraulic pump to make bushing service faster and easier.

The Tabs

This product can expose you to chemicals including CHROMIUM HEXAVALENT, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information for to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
Specialty Tools
Heavy Duty Tools
Truck Suspension Head
Alignment Tool (x2)
Clamping Plate
Bushing Support Adapter
Threaded Rod (x2)
Threaded Rod Connection (x2)
Cylinder Mounting Plate
Hydraulic Cylinder, 25 Ton
Cylinder Adapter
Alignment Pin
Bushing Adapter
Spacer A
Spacer B
Spacer C
Plastic Box
Foam Pad (x2)
Hex Nut (x4)
Operating Instructions / Parts List
Warranty Sheet / Service Center List
Hydraulic Hose
Hose Half Coupler
Air/Hydraulic Pump
Product Specs: 
Cylinder Force Capability | 25 tons
Pump Pressure | 10,000 psi
Pump Capacity (useable) | 98 cu. in.
Patented Design allows tool to be mounted to suspension instead of needing to be held by technician during bushing service
Specially designed pushing adapters mate up exactly with Hendrickson PACCAR Monoleaf, Navistar Monoleaf, Volvo Monoleaf front suspension D-Pin bushings
Centering adapters align tool with suspension reducing likelihood of bushing damage
Significantly reduces operation time for bushing removal and installation
Included OTC 2510A air/hydraulic pump makes bushing removal and installation quick and easy
Product Dimensions: 
27.125 × 6.5 × 10.25 in
Product Weight: 
128.18 lb
Shipping Weight: 
134 lb
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Hendrickson Front Suspension Bushing Master Tool Set