OTC SmartTech Technician Gloves

OTC SmartTech Technician Gloves

Call coming in? Keep your gloves on!

The new, innovative SmartTech™ Technician Gloves from OTC provide protection for your hands, improve your grip on tools AND now the ability to navigate touchscreen devices. Answer your smartphone, scroll through your touchscreen scan tools, use your onboard touchscreen navigation systems and keep the comfort and protection you deserve for your hands all at the same time! We've incorporated conductive material on the thumb and index finger tips on both hands to keep on pace with technological advances prevalent in our lives today. The SmartTech™ Technician gloves from OTC are an excellent choice for automotive technicians, farmers, outdoorsmen and around the home. No need to wait....get yours today!

SmartTech™ Gloves from OTC are excellent heavy-duty work gloves constructed from form fitting material. Padded in all the right places, yet lightweight and breathable. Conductive fabric in the fingertips and thumb tips let you use conductive or resistance touch screen devices .

SmartTech™ Gloves from OTC provide a comfortable grip on tools, are touchscreen gesture capable and great hand protection. Great fit! Great feel! And Touchscreen capability at a great price!


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Electronic Diagnostics
Scan Diagnostics
Scan Accessory Tools
Cables and Accessories
Specialty Tools
Pry & Pick
General Purpose
Product Dimensions: 
10 × 5 × 0.5 in
Product Weight: 
0.2 lb
Shipping Weight: 
0.2 lb