StrutTamer Extreme with Stand

StrutTamer Extreme with Stand

Simply the most effective compressor for virtually any straight, conical, or offset spring.

• Extreme duty design to handle the heavier springs found on mid- and some full-size truck strut assemblies.

• New frame includes cross bracing at arm mount locations standard. This eliminates frame flex when compressing heavier springs.

• 2:1 reduction gearbox - standard. Allows for a 2:1 torque compression increase when compressing struts.

• Lock rings to hold arms in position - standard. This eliminates arms from spreading or sliding when compressing offset or unique strut configurations.

• Four-point locking jaws securely hold the spring in place.

• Open-ended design means you can take the strut in and out, quickly and easily.

• The arms adjust in and out, up and down, to accept many sizes of springs.

(2-1/2" to 10" diameter)

(2-1/2" to 24" vertical stroke)

• Extra long 3-bar handle gives user the leverage needed to compress heavier strut springs.

• No need to change shoes for different size springs.

• Easy to transport when mounted on optional stand (No. 6592 - StrutTamer Extreme with stand; No. 6582 - stand only)

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Product Dimensions: 
43 × 32 × 27.5 in
Shipping Weight: 
144 lb