Industry awards recognize tools that help you

Written By Anonymous
Posted On: September 3, 2015, 7:50 pm

Each year, PTEN (Professional Tool & Equipment News) seeks out the newest and most innovative products introduced to the marketplace. The PTEN Innovation Awards recognize “those outstanding companies whose products respond to the automotive repair industry’s market challenges with creativity and innovation.”

For 2015, we're proud to once again be named one of those “outstanding companies” – recognized with not one, but four of the highly coveted PTEN Innovation Awards:

OTC 3200 Battery Service Tester: 

•First battery tester to utilize smart phone or tablet

•Within seconds, test displays battery health and charging and starting system health

•Delivers customers a comprehensive color-coded report that is easy to read, understand and share. 

OTC 3395 MIT Tester

•As vehicle infotainment systems become more complicated, OTC’s Multimedia Interface Tester (MIT) helps diagnose vehicle communication errors on Ford, General Motors and Hyundai vehicles

•Tool connects via Bluetooth or 3.5mm aux jack, sending a clean signal to confirm whether or not the system is communicating, and providing an audible confirmation of connection and test

•Allows technician to identify if there is an issue with the vehicle or input device

OTC 7485 Locking Collar Wrench

•Tool creates a better way for a technician to move steering rack components without disassembly—making service faster and easier

•Can be used on steering linkage, small-diameter exhaust and other pipes that need to be adjusted or repositioned

Bosch ESI[tronic] Truck Scan Tool

•Bosch’s first North American heavy-duty truck scan tool increases shop efficiency by providing technicians at the truck repair information 

•Android based, intuitive and easy to use

•Covers all major heavy and medium duty truck engine, transmission and brake system combinations with diagnostics and embedded repair information

•In addition to running parameter resets, conducting bidirectional diagnostics and engine adjustments, features wiring diagrams, component information, electrical specifications, and step-by-step troubleshooting for common repairs

In addition to PTEN, MOTOR Magazine’s annual Top 20 Tool competition honored the OTC 3200 and Robinair 34788NI A/C machine as Top 20 Tools of 2015. MOTOR’s Top 20 Tools Award recognizes tool designers, manufacturers and suppliers who, through innovative new product features, help technicians diagnose and repair vehicles correctly—the first time.

The new Robinair 34788NI was recognized for its industry-leading 98.5 percent efficiency and fully automatic function. 

We don’t invent for the awards but it’s definitely a plus to be noticed. We invent to make your job easier, so let us know – which OTC tool is the most innovative to you? What OTC tool makes your job easier?